Detector for an Old Fogie

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First time caller long time listener (-: … Metal detector recommendations: My Elderly dad would like to do some pottering with a metal detector on our Gold Claim (river/stream bed based) - do you have any recommendations on a decent mid price range detector that is light and pretty simple - does anyone have any experience with these German made ‘detect gold seeker’ metal detectors that seem to fit this bill, or know if anyone in NZ stocks them? Thanks in advance (-:

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I would suggest the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 would be a better option as available locally and and nowhere near as expensive. The Gold Monster is automated for ease of use and comes with two sizes of waterproof coils. Check it out here. DetectNZ shop



Yes, The GM would be great for him,cheaper at DredgeNZ if he doesn’t care about the “free” hat. The GM is absolutely simple to use.

[](http://DredgeNZ GM1000)

I would not trust that German detector at all. If he needs waterproof which is advisable in a river/creek go for the Minelab Equinox 800 with 6" accessory coil, also available at DredgeNZ, proven performers.

Actually same price.


I have heard that gold detectors that work overseas tend to fall down in NZ because our gold is very much finer than it is in other places.

Nah, we’ve got plenty of detectable gold.