Detector advice

Hi all,
am struggling to find a creek/stream to put a claim on, and every bugger on here is cagey about giving out advice on decent locations - which I dont blame you for…

Am looking at metal detectors and want some advice about what is good and what isnt…probably aiming for a budget of $1500

cheers in advance

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if you are only talking nuggets then you need to be with the minelabs 1500 aint going to cut it for a new one.ive seen gpx 4000 go for around that on gumtree oz but if you are wanting to detect in water then again for nuggets you need a pulse machine,the only waterproof one is the garret atx a powerfull beach and nugget finder and also good on small gold.if you are just nugget finding you need a pulse machine

The Minelab Gold Monster 1000 is within your budget Mangrove. I have sold quite a few and they seem to be getting results.


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@Goldenboy_98 has had very good results with his GM.

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A fisher goldbug pro is a great detector for small nuggets as well as coins etc and easy to use. No matter what you choose ensure its from a reputable dealer as there are a lot of knock offs out there that look the part.

The Equinox 800 is also a good contender as an all purpose waterproof detector
with a Gold mode. ( The Gold Monster is waterproof coil only.)



I have an Equinox 800 and have seen the Gold Monster in action beside it and to be honest I am now thinking of shelving the Equinox to get a Gold Monster! I am more impressed with them.