DetectNZ - Surplus Stock Clearance

DetectNZ shop is now closed and as you might expect I have some new surplus items to move at very good prices for you lucky people. If you are interested in anything below please just PM me the item name and your delivery address and I will quote you door to door.

Minelab Surplus Spares - New

  1. CTX 3030 alkaline battery holder only

  2. E Trac alkaline battery holder only x 2

  3. E Trac coil wear kit pack - bolts etc.

  4. Minelab RPG wired Headphones

  5. GPX Series 240v battery charger

  6. Minelab Beanie hat

  7. Xterra 9” round coil skid plate

  8. CTX 3030 new type battery O ring twin pack

  9. SOLD - Finds Pouch with adjustable belt

  10. Minelab Jacket Black

  11. E Trac 11” DD coil

Sorry to hear you are closing Chris. You have provided a good service over the years. All the best for the next chapter.


Thanks Musketballs.
I enjoyed selling Minelab but nothing is forever. :slight_smile: