Detecting Test Bench

Hi All

Any tests I conduct with my Mine lab Selection are done on this. My Detectors are.
1: Mine Lab CTX3030
2: Mine Lab Xterra 705 ( Gold Package)
3. Mine Lab GoFind 60.

The Target is placed on a piece of black velvet cloth, which sits upon two plastic tubs. The Ruler gives me both inches and centimeters, being old school I still quote in inches. Must start doing it in Millimeters and centimeters. When quoting depths, I take into account the thickness of the coil so the reading is accurate.

An Air Test, is just that. A simple Air Test.
A true test. Is where I use the Glad Bags filled with river sand and pebble’s. Of course all ground varies in regard to mineralisation. So my true test is only an indication for that mixture.

TV etc is turned off, to avoid any EMI.

Cheers Trev (Who used to be “The Hatter” but is now kiwigold) Kiwigold is my usual Nick on most things I am on.


Thanks for the idea, all helps when I’m just starting out with detector.