Detecting Permission (schools)

Just wondering about the best way to go about getting permission/if it is possible to detect on school grounds. We would obviously let them know we refill the holes and replace plugs, only during weekends etc…
Any tips welcome. Cheers

Get to no the caretaker they are more approachable than the principal only do the field during winter as the plugs stand out like dog balls they can be goldmines from galas and events I’ve done mine quite a few times the school was established in 1870 and I still find stuff. I was there today but in the bush

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And to the idiot ( not anyone from this site I’m sure) who dug up a certain thames coast school ground and didn’t even ask or fill holes I trust you are so proud that you are stuffing up access to those of us who follow the rules… go buy some lollies with the $2 coins and choke on them


we asked principal who knows us and they kindly said yes. all holes are being backfilled dw

Well done to you row money… this muppet left it a mess last year…