Detecting lakes when the water is low

I spent two days detecting the Kai Iwi lakes. this is what I found. I use a Deus Detector and on dry sand on the relic program
I am finding coins at 18 inches. The button is a Royal Engineers one, I have no idea how it would have got there


Welldone, that is a popular holiday spot.

Good haul from a well-worked spot. :+1:
Hope you filled your holes - last time I went there, someone (or several someones) had left the shallows full of ankle-breakers. Looked like the aftermath of the Blitz.

Edit: Just realised you fly a Deus, so even more impressive haul from the dry.

Truly amazing finds.

Always fill my holes, certainly don’t need to be told about it. Have been detecting for more than twenty five years. Only thing I don’t like about the Deus is not being able to work in shallow water. It really is good having all the different programs on one machine. I still go back to my cheap detector and have a go with it. A Bounty Hunter Tracker 1V

Some really nice stuff there, well done indeed. Thanks for sharing, the Deus certainly looks like a cool lightweight machine to be swinging.

The Deus is a bit different from swinging my old Minelab 2000. I would like to try the Deus on gold. I had at one stage a Fisher Goldbug 2 and took it over to Au. but it turned out to be useless. the chap I was with had a minelab and when he hit a piece of gold I would try the Goldbug out on his find but nine times out of ten I would not be able to get a signal. All it was good for was finding hot rocks. The Deus is good to swing and I am still amazed at the depth you can find coins.