Detecting in central otago

Hey anyone keen to meet up in central sometime and go out detecting i have a minelab GPZ7000

I’m always keen to meet up, I have a QED pl2 I’ve always wanted a comparison test against a zed

Hi there Tonz 51, What is your gold detecting history & how long have you had the Zed. Where abouts in Central are you? Cheers.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Giz a holla 0273500012 and we can arrange a time :blush:

In karitane but happy to travel for it

Hi Gav, I don’t think there is a comparison between the QED & the Zed. The Zed is in a league of its own. They are different technolories. The Qed being a PI is more in line with the Minelab PI’s. Its lighter weight being a big factor. A friend I detect with has the latest QED, a 4500 & now a Zed. He liked the QED & it is shot gun pellet lover LOL :laughing: It was swings & roundabouts as to what he prefered over the QED & the 4500. Bonus being coils fit both machines & it came down to depth of ground as to which machine he would use but he likes the lightness of the QED.
He did struggle to find gold with both machines but that was due to him going over ground I had thrashed over the years with my 4500 & the Zed.
Since he has got the Zed & using these Russian made X coils for the Zed he has not failed to find gold on his last three outings. I guess you would have seen his posts on DP forum.

Best of luck out there

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So what is your gold detecting history & how long have you had the Zed? Cheers.

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I’d just be interested in the overall difference in depth in similar ground, I’ve seen a video of a guy at the coiltek Test site in Victoria using a zed then a QED and somehow he managed to get a signal just as deep? Don’t know how but obviously different coils ect come into play and faking videos to suit ones needs. Obviously the minelab should be massively different considering the tech and related costs.
Just out of curiosity have you and Simon done any such tests using the same coils?

On a seperate note I’ve heard talk through the grapevine of a gpz model upgrade or complete new system possibly being announced soon? Do you know

Hi there Gav, Simon & I haven’t gone out of our way to do tests as such only that I have gone over ground that he went over with his QED & the X coil 15 x 10. I was using the Zed & 12" X coil & got a few bits that he skipped over & didn’t get. One he was gobsmacked at as he knew he had scanned that spot.

There has been talk of something from Minelab but it is all hearsay at the moment, which I don’t take much notice of unless it is direct from Minelab. Just the rumour mill at present. Nuggetfinder coils were talking of making coils for the Zed & they would be available later this year. Even had it up on their website. I have been told now that they have taken down that info from their website & nothing more has been said about it. I always wondered how they were going to get past the chip in the coil lead & if they had done a deal with Minelab to save having to chop the chip off a Minelab coil lead & make the coil plug adapter…like has to be done with the X coils.

How is your gold detecting going with the QED & what coil are you using? Dont need a coil plug adapter with the X coils for ther PI’s. Reg Wilson is loving his X coils on the QED.

Good luck out there

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No gold yet but have only been out a couple of times, and those times were to areas already picked apart like conroys. Sure I’ll find something one day! I have the same x coil as Simon the 12x6 I think it is, but also have the Sadie and the nuggetfinder evo 17x13 to try yet. Managed to figure out most of the QED controls to make it run silent as a church mouse - trouble is with no threshold in background you wander if machine is turned on or not :rofl:

Hi all just be out down at the claim for a wee dredge, for 5 days and the water is getting cold … So the last day, I did some detecting with gpz love it put you can dig some good holes to, one I dug was about 300 to 400mm down and found a nice old times rake and you think, how much dirt has come down over the years, to cover that rake, LOF


I had not too bad a time with my GPZ this weekend.

Dug a bloody deep hole for this piece. Close on 500mm. Only a 10" coil too. Hard to get the photos to indicate the depth.

Total for the weekend.

Was hard detecting. The grass growth up in the hills has just been crazy the last couple of years.

Good luck out there

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That is a bloody beautiful nugget there …well done fella!!

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Now that’s a nice nugget mate!

Guess you’ll be getting out for lots of “exercise” walks now we’re in lock down :wink:

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Late Tuesday afternoon & early evening has been my last detect before our curfew & lockdown at 11:59 PM that night. Was away from home for 4 hours but managed 7 little bits.

That is it for another 3.5 weeks. How am I going to cope?? :roll_eyes: Oh the pain of withdrawal. I can feel the twitches coming on all ready.

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