Detecting gold advice

hi there…I recently purchased a gp series minelab…im not completely new to gold ( done my fair share of sluicing) but if someone has any advice for me regarding detecting I would greatly appreciate it. should I be getting well away from water sources etc?best to detect on the tops or faces? any general rough otago or west coast locations anyone want to sell or share?

Maybe first check if the coils that came with your new detector are waterproof or not.
This will affect where you hunt.


Hi Jimmy the fist think is if you went to find gold you need to buy GPZ7000, they find gold trust me I’ve got one it’s a great detector.
all the best out there

hi there metal kiwi and moonlight … I dont think they are waterproof coils … id love a gpz . .maybe oneday…id really love to find atleast one piece with the gp

[quote=“moonlight, post:3, topic:1707”] find gold trust me

Haha never heard that before. Classic . Wanta buy a spade sir ?

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Hi Cam This is some of my gold I’ve found with a gpz7000
and no I don’t need a spade. as I use a pick But thanks no
And the coils are waterproof


Nice finds Moonlight. Congrats. Got to love the Zed. The Gold Monster ain’t bad either for the tiny bits. The Zed is pretty good on those to but the Monster used in conjunction with the Zed is deadly on re scanning the Zeds dig holes & dig out piles. The amount of tiny gold the GM sniffs out from a Zed dig is surprising. I use the GM as a pin pointer when getting down a bit in depth with a Zed dig & that 14" coil is a bit of a struggle to know exactly where the target is. GM also good for flicking in to discriminate to determine ferrous from non ferrous. I still dig the target regardless as if it is iron or non ferrous rubbish the signal may have been masking a gold signal. That happens too. Cheers.

Good luck out there
JW :slight_smile:


good to see u back robbie