Detecting for Pilbarra Gold AU

The largest of the small nuggets is 18grms, The next photo is a 42grm one. The largest nugget on my hand weighs in at 464 grms. The 42 grm nugget was only six paces from the truck. One of the things to remember is to detect around your vehicle and shift it and detect where it was parked.


That is some incredible pieces of gold! thank you so much for sharing

The big nugget is 14.9 troy ounces for anyone wanting to build a better picture of how massive it is.

Wow, wow and wow! That’s some awesome gold.

I’ve been chomping at the bite to have another trip detecting over in Oz from watching Aussie Gold Hunters, this is just whetting my appetite even more!

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

AMAZING what a buzz you must get from nuggets like that.

Looks great,worth the hard work to find it.

Yes it was well worth it. I found most of the nuggets in 2009. I tried to sell the big nugget as is but nobody could come up with the money. The price of gold at the time was in between $700 & $800 an ounce. It was to dangerous to keep such a large nugget at home. I had it melted down, there was about 40-50 grms of impurities but I got $11,600.00 for it so it was a pretty good payday. I still have all the other nuggets

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Hi Darren my mate and I are traveling to the pilbarra end of January he has family there I’m wondering if could be to hot at time of year for scratching? It’s one those bucket list things. We live whangarei and got the bug watching oze gold. Even tracked down the gost book . It would be nice to meet someone local .cheers donna

Hi Gavin where chomping at the bit as well oz gold was a big teaser were planing going end of January got to put the new scd 2300 to the test .

I live at Maungatapere. give me a call 0274546203

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Hi howstill things ? I’m getting quite excited about heading for the oz hopefully meet you before we go cheers Donna

Have a look at this site. You might find it interesting
Cheers Bruce

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All good i seen that one thought about it. Thank you for showing me you finds now I no what to look for. I’m so happy to got a copy of gold and gosts book it really is worth its weight in gold. We thinking of postponing the trip till the cooler weather conditions. Thank you lots for for showing me about the correct use of detector as well. There is one other place I want to go search as I found a spot where no one’s looked in QLD I’m not worried about snakes or spiders. But the dingos bother me .and I don’t like roos much trying to figure out what to do about them.kind regards

The address is Golden triangle tour Andrew Geck c/o email =

This is another one you could try. He takes short safaris and he is also a Minelab agent

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Thank you for that I’m flying I be flying out 23rd hope to have something to show on return.

Hi Bruce I’m in karratha got minners write all of the know patches require concent to access got concent from one place to go as far as the gate down on a private road. Whent over old tailings found rubbish.moved on whanted to look at other places all seemed to be owned by two big station’s karratha and sherlock nobody answers the phone for either. And even if they did chances are not likely it seems one has too fork out moor money to become a member of a APLA. And after that it’s possible to get permission however this takes 21 days. Also there is the section 40e it’s all good if time is on your side and can wait. Between the cancer and the funds needed to hang around have decided to head for brisbane on the eighth weather permitting as another cyclone is due on Tuesday the rain so far made a lot of sticky red dirt. I did find some interesting blue clay I think it’s what they call an old shelf. Anyway chow for now.