Detailed Tour Of A Small Gold Mine

Detailed Tour Of A Small Gold Mine - YouTube nice clip from the tube for ant members interested in hard rock mining


Thanks for the link really interesting , id imagine there is very few people around that can explain what was what like the old fella…dying bread

I cannot see this vid atm (at a work camp)
Is it old footage or new and if new , which mine is it at?

Interesting and fascinating. Back in the 1970s it was possible to get into some of the Macraes Flat mines at Golden Point and explore them. Similar and on several levels though timbering was not really required.
It was possible to chip quartz out of pillars that were left to hold up the roof and see the gold…more or less microscopic but could be seen in the sun…a hand lens also was handy.
Thanks for sharing…I enjoyed seeing it.

Quite recent footage I’d say, but the mine has been there 100 years… Looks like western US

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Thanks Crackintherock… will look it up when I get home… I am at a hard rock mine in Laos ATM and was working at one in Kyrgyzstan before this… so always interesting… the Kyrgyz mine was 70 000 to 100 000 ozt per month so was a huge operation. Laos not so big but a much more pleasant temperature to work in…