Despite the wet paint, I think it'll fly

It looks like the all-new Paydirt is getting really established and probably has enough life-force (both posts and registered members) to take over from the original. I’ll be making all my new posts in here from now, rather than splitting between the two.

Just popping back to the old forum now to get my slippers and put the cat out…



Couldn’t agree more. This site is even better on mobile.

I like what I’m hearing :smile:

I love it - got a such a strange image in my head now!

Yeh it’s definitely growing on me, the more I play, the more cool little features are discovered. Slightly concerned with some obvious no shows, but I guess all good things take time ( maybe we need to catch our breath somewhat until we get some feedback from some more Paydirt Forum members?)

Righto were is that detector of mine… I know it’ll be mad as it hasn’t been walked for weeks!

It looks great now there are a heap of posts :tada: