Desperate for some help

Hey guys I am looking to go for a pan / sluice this weekend and am in need of somewhere to go to do it . I am not looking to get rich from it but would love to get some colour in the sluice . I would really appreciate it very much if someone would help me out with a spot I could use for the weekend thanks

Did no one tell you where to find colour? Where are you based ? I may be able to help.

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Go to gold fossicking area then!

If you post what area/areas you want to check out more people may offer some guidance etc :wink:

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Hey mate I have a place you can go in the top of the south

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Hi team, I’m Joel’s mate and we are based in Chch but will be travelling, any ideas or tips in the South Island would be greatly appreciated. Not looking to get hugely rich with a sluice and pans, but we would love to see some consistent colour

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West coast or Otago would be our preferred choices of destination, but if we have to go further for some colour we definitely will

Hey thanks guys I am in Christchurch so I was thinking of heading to the west coast or otargo way . I have been to a couple of fossicking areas last year but didn’t have much luck so thought it would be worth asking around for some help :smiley:

0210651086, could we grab some details that? Much appreciated

Anyone got any spots around greymouth hokitika way I will give the person some of beers to sluice the there claim for the weekend ?:beer::beer:

Go deep creek. Bell hill.

Best place I have found on the Coast is Goldsborough/Waimea. I can get gold from the second bridge all the way up. Would love to get a suit on and head way up the creek and clean out some of the deep V’s that form farther up. Not a rich creek but better then the one at Franz, and don’t have to dig as deep as Slab hut. Haven’t tried Whataroa yet but maybe later in the year.


Hey mate, earlier in the year you offered for me and my mate Joel to have a go on your claim up north with a couple of pans and a sluice box. It’s obviously been a while but I was wondering if there was any chance for us to head up there this weekend?
Quite happy to pay in beers or something.


Hi Mathias.Matt Harrison from Tokoroa NI.
Been reading your reveiw on detectors so what would
be your choice gold bug 2 or gold monster,
I be you live in the top of south island can you suggest
some where up there for pan or detect. Will be heading
for slab hut and goldsborough may be .october.