December weird and wonderful competition

The December competition is easy enough although the judging may not be!

This time the competition will run for the entire month of December finishing midnight New Year’s Eve.

Two winners - Best find and most unusual find.

Both @roy1954 and myself will select three (of what we think are the best finds for each of the two categories above and we can both vote also). I will then set up two polls for you the members to vote on what you think is the most deserving for each of the two categories.

NOTE due to holiday mode etc it may take several days to sort out the eventual two winners.

Once the polls are set up I will @ numerous members randomly to advise the polling is open and your vote would be much appreciated. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to enter ( and vote even if you don’t receive a random request to do so)


If you are lucky enough to be selected for one of the categories please don’t vote for that particular category, but you are welcome to vote for the other one.

All enteries to be photographed and logged on THIS THREAD and multiple items over the month are fine.

I will run the polling for Three days after they are set up to give people a chance to vote and a minimum of ten votes per category will be required.

Enjoy and good luck to all in search of the weird and wonderful.


cool iggy,should make for a interesting competition,i will have to get digging::wink: good luck to everyone, and merry Christmas to all.

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Thanks for the effort your putting I’m Iggy not sure if the 250 has a weird mode I no it has a crap one but looking forward to seeing the finds

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But, but, all the good stuff is dropped in the early hours of new years day! :wink:

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Looks like its going to be an awesome competition and an awesome excuse for me to go out and do some detecting!

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Might as well break the ice went for a stroll down the river at low tide and found this wierd object seems adjustable? ??


That’s the kinda stuff we are after. Cool discovery :smiley:

Nothing to weird or wonderful but thought I better throw a post up so Chris doesn’t win by default haha.

Best finds:
~ Bit of an old saddle I’m thinking (Circle thing)
~ Old silver plated lighter
~Silver Shilling stuck to a 1948 Half Crown (Why couldn’t it have been silver too :sob:)


You have got to be in to win!:+1:

Hi. Looks more like a rollick from a row boat.



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Hi all,well some bits and bobs from yesterdays hunt,11 silvers,which was pleasing,various old pennys and the like,and a weird piece for the comp,item next to silver,dont know what this is,but made from bronze.good luck out there everyone.


Haha true that completely skipped my mind as found it in the middle of a paddock but I’d say it is. Cheers HH

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Great hunt beepbeep! Really nice haul of silvers.

Now this is weird near identical spoons

Great pile of goodies from that hunt!
Mmmm yes definitely a weird contender that peice, from where I’m sitting it looks tapered… wouldn’t have a clue as to what it’s off/is though.

??? Another from the river… my hunting ground pretty bear at the moment a lot of sand spent a few hours this morning few old decs no sinkers ya

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Looks like the brass backing plate for a clock or something.
Hard to tell how big it is. Cool


Nicely done Chris. Fingers crossed there will be a flood of enteries after Santa has been (when people have had a chance to unwind and hopefully have a few days of r&r) to keep it interesting…: best find is wide open still.

Hit an old pub today so between the bottle tops and pull tabs managed to pull a few goodies.

Few nice pieces of weird and wonderful along with 3 nice bits of silver, 1919 Florin, Heart locket and the silver spoon which has some nice fancy and a few hallmarks


Some nice stuff indeed :+1:.
Is the :heart:️ Locket gold plated or silver?

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