Day out at a new permission

Two of us went out for a hunt today on a new permission we just got.had a fun day lots of coins found!


Nice, Very nice. Looks like you got at least 10 silvers. I’d be well pleased with this kind of a find. Well done you.

Fantastic - need I say more.

Yes always Good to get a few silvers everything at this site was deep it is a big swamp at this time of year fun day in the mud

Hey be positive - sing the Hippopotamus song as you work “Mud Mud Glorious Mud, Nothing like Mud for cooling the blood, So follow me follow, Down to the hollow, And there we will wallow, In glorious mud” - come to think of it the closest I want to get to that is Naked Jelly wrestling with a beautiful blonde!
You got a nice haul so go for it and the positive side is that it is better to dig in soft oozy mud than summer baked hard dirt.

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Nice, gotta love the first day on fresh ground!!

Great stuff, keep at it. As it gets cooler the mud should dry up a bit - provided the rain stays away. Not sure if that will make it easier, sometimes dry mud is tougher than concrete.

Wow really well done on the finds!

Thanks guys it was good fun for sure it was a bit of a gamble but the research paid off we will let it dry out a we bit then go back and see what we can find!

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