Daunting permiting process

Hi all new to the community, had got quite familiar with the old format and have learned a great deal from others and i,m sure we will get to know the new setup.
I,m located in golden bay at the top of the south, lots of small historical mining areas to visit in some great country but was never a massive producer nor did any of the rushes last very long. still lots of places to feed your addiction.
2 public areas to explore and plenty of other places to do a bit of panning provided you are discrete .

I,m keen to move up to some dredging now and am a bit daunted by the permiting process and would like any feedback as i know a lot of you have gone through it all before.
How easy/hard is the process. will they tell you wether a creek or river is permitable before you go through the process and spend any money.
do crown minerals advise you on surveying the boundry of your permit or is that up to you.

from reading past topics I understand fees are going up and reporting is more important, How much is this the case or does it not really take that much of your time or effort.

As I will be hitting a river that has been done in the past and be hopeing for ground that was not worth the effort in the 80s or maybe some good traps that have recharged a little, I need a bit of reassurance though I,m not looking to get rich.
happy hunting out there.

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