Dansey's Pass Gold Panning / Sluice Boxing

Just been sent a message…

Joseph from the Dansey’s Pass Motorcamp is allowing access to his claim in a restricted area. $30 per person per day, pan and sluice only.



Thanks Gavin might have to go and have a nosey when it warms up a bit more

worth going. I went last week. didn’t get a lot but mainly a reccy trip. only used pan and a hand trowel. and with the claim running through the motor camp you can stay the night if you want.

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when I lived in Timaru I used to take the kids and stay in the camping ground, kids would play with the other kids and I would play in the river by pulling the grasses out of the bank wash them in my wheelbarrow then put the wash through the sluice didn’t get rich but had fun

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yep. you wouldn’t go there or most claims to get rich. its just an enjoyable day out.

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Have dredged this river with previous claim owner and can say there is some nice gold in there. Good luck Jo maybe it’s best to hold onto that proline of yours!

Why is this claim not on the Permit Map? I can see Alexander’s claim on the main river.

it is on the paydirt map. its up at the start of danseys pass. permit 55179. (oamaru end)

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I was there a couple of times when dale had it and he had ben and a few other guys with him. one of them might have been you prich. lol

Got it. Thanks for clarifying that.

last I heard the area open for pan/sluicing is from the bottom of claim and up past the motor camp to the bridge where the two streams meet.

Yeah man could have been. There was always a procession of people coming and going especially with the fact we were right next to the road.

good guys dale and ben. new fella seems pretty easy to get on with to.

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Yeah man Jo is a top bloke and has got a wicked piece of ground in my opinion

Hi there

The link (http://www.danseyspass.com/4143.html) that you posted last year isn’t working. Any reason why?

Hi Emma, Might be because we have a new website. Www.danseyspass.com
Ill our contact details are on there if you wanted to enquire about prospecting

Hi all,just home from a family trip to east coast. Snuck away for day up to camp. Thanks Jo for letting me play. Nice spot for a camp. Couple of colours,well worth a look



We had a week long family holiday at the danseys pass camping area so I decided to bring the gear along, the river is a pretty big river about twice the size of slab hutt creek, you are aloud to prospect for free using handhelds methods while staying at the campground, I spent about 2 hours panning multiple locations up and down the creek, there is a lot of exposed bedrock and a bit of a gorge just south of the campground (great tubing and amazing swimming hole there ) it has actually been hammered quite hard by other prospectors and the guy that owns the claim has dredged it all but I managed to find a few virgin crevices in the gorge and they all had some quite nice colour in them. But outside of the crevices where it has not been dredged the gold is alright but nothing incredible similar to most public areas, I did 3 buckets in the best spot I test panned and 1 bucket in a large cradle of gravel on exposed bedrock (no point to getting to bedrock below water level as it has already been dredged relatively recently ) and they had some decent gold but nothing incredible , definitely worth trying out if your in the area but as many others have said don’t expect to get rich . In total the gold was 0.19 grams for about 8 hours in total (2 or so test panning 2 or so crevicing and 4 or so mining throughout the week .


i was down there last weekend and got .15g panning for about 5 hrs. set up the sluice but wasnt really enough fall to work it right and couldnt be bothered making a dam. put 3 buckets through it and got nothing. always a good day out though. i enjoy it and as a casual user it costs a few dollars but joseph is very reasonable with his charges. always looks a lot when you get it in the pan but never weighs much. i got mainly very small flakes similar to yours