Damn gold miners!

and the irony is that many councils nationwide are non compliant at the best of times and regulary releasing raw sewerage into our waterways but hey lets pick on a bita silt/turbity in the streams and rivers… a 100mm rain event over there releases many millions the amount of silt anyway hope mother natures consent conditions allow for that.


We are digitally monitored on our site discharges. Irony is, we are not permitted under our consent to discharge >50NTU (visually, this is a slightly hazy glass of water) even when the river is in flood at several thousand NTU (Brown, foamy Milo soup with logs and occasional dead cows for flavour). Council stance is that the flood is “Natural Process” - albeit erosion from developing farmland. We could discharge turbid water at a few hundred NTU and actually improve the natural waterway by reducing the solids load during floods. Go figure.


there is a small group of very vocal Forest and tweety bird folks out there, and they seem to be getting Council’s ear. Miners have to also start making some noise to, or else this madness will only get worse.

the twig and tweety if they had their way would have no mining at all. this is their method of driving in the wedge . a little bit at a time .

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Fish and game are the biggest problem to miners, not doc, forest n bird or the maoris

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The thing that pisses me off with fish & game is that all the trout, brown & rainbow, are introduced species into our natural waterways that are/were teaming with the little native fish that fish & game are so anal about protecting from miners/dredgers. Gee…I wonder what little bloody fish the introduced trout eat. Surely they wouldn’t be eating the little native buggers. Those introduced trout are the rats & mice of our waterways. But of course I don’t need to tell you intelligent guys that. Maybe just fish & game. So yes…fish & game are the biggest problem. You are supposed to pay for a fishing permit to go catch trout. So it all boils down to making money for fish & game.

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Dont forget their predecessors also gave us weasles, stoats and ferrets…

It is Forest n Bird that causes problems for me