Dahlke Dredge - B Series Micro 4" XD Gold Dredge

Anyone had any experience with Dahlke Dredges? Just come across their 4" micro dredge which could be great for getting into hard to reach spots.


A very short sluice box, but should be long enough to catch the lions share I’d imagine. Likely to be loosing a bit of gold though.

Yes I am the nz agent for Dahkle dredge gear!
Drop riffle sluice, watch the YouTube video on the recovery on the 4” compared to the Keene 4” you’ll be surprised

Also the pumps are known to be the best on the market

Ok, I’m intrigued but can’t find the video. You got a link?

Best video I can find is:

I’m not so convinced with it.
Might do well in the right hands but that video I just watched was a waste of time in my eye’s.

How come it took them forever just clean down a small sluice box? :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:.

Do you have a better video than that?

How much are you selling them for and where are you based so I can check one out?

how do you know if your on the gold if its not visible on your mat ?

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If you’re dredging you can see some gold on bedrock before sucking it up.

Good point, I check my box a lot to make sure I’m staying on the gold.

Then you should be able to see some of it in your mat. If not then something is not set up right.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

I never said that I don’t see gold in my mat.

I just answered Webby1 by saying that you can see some gold on bedrock while you’re dredging and that should help you to know if you’re on gold or not. If Webby1 has seen gold on bedrock, sucked it up and then can’t see any gold in the clean up, then yes, there is something wrong with their set up.

yeah no worries i know what your meaning, normally if im sucking up gold and not catching it im fast asleep dreaming of getting the motherload , then the alarm goes off and depression sets in and i realise im still at home and its time to go to work

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I definitely had a dream about it last night after having a good day at the stream.