Custom dredges photos

lets see some custom dredges or dredging photos. How have you made or who made them. I just have an keene 5 but would love an 6 or 8

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Plagiarism lives on…

You looking for inspiration?

not really just like seeing dredges

Gday laidlw1, have you ever thought of building your own?

yes i have thought about building my own. happy with my 5inch tho might make an custom sluice box to catch fine gold and get away from keenes 3stage sluice. would love an custom 8 and to dredge full time. this post is not about copying anyone just like to see peoples set ups

I am almost complete with my R&D, and after a few changes will post some photos. This may take some time as "she"is out in the field atm.

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