Cracked the 1700s today is it fake

1790 george 111 spade guinea today should be gold id.s in the gold range does not look gold though not touched it yet its definatly period letch deep anouther 5mm and i would have missed it.i seem to remember anouther one found some time ago.


I know they had gaming tokens that look like that, gotta lean on side of fake but still a good find Roy.

gaming token still it was good at the hole!!!

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I bet my hands would have trembled slightly.

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I tend to think its a gaming token but they had the words ‘In Memory of the Good Old Days’ on them or at least all the ones I knew of with George de Turd had those words.

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So even if its counterfeit would it have been made in the 18th century? Or when were they used as gaming tokens… Pretty cool find Roy
Put some gold leaf on it an chuck it in the cabinet :sunglasses:

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All you need to know. I had always intended researching these myself as I have one somewhere…somewhere…somewhere.


nice work lammerlaw, will go in my token collection whats the chance one ended up here…

Quite a few about. Not entirely uncommon but the ‘In Memory of the good Old Days’ is the most common.

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