Couple of hunts in the sand

gday all.great tides this week although i only managed two hunts.scored two 18ct bands one looks an oldie combined weight of 8g . also found this alloy tag almost seems as if it was stamped the wrong way round interesting though it came from califonia.good luck to all.hope all survived the floods ok,and it stops raining.


Here’s a start… Haven’t found anything in yet - all the US military record sites seem to be subscription only… Looking.


well done mudwiggle i never thought it was a dogtag,i thought it must be a packing case tag.

Ww2 notched type dog tags, O type blood, Catholic
Good chance of locating his family.
There is a kiwi volunteer group that helps return medals they may be able to assist if you want to try a return.

This was his address, nice place.


And had his Tetanus jab in '43.

On the trail of potential NOK in Oakland area. Helen may have possibly been his wife, and aged 24 at the time.
290 Jayne had a garage sale only a few days ago
"I am clearing out my well-traveled mother’s STORAGE UNIT and our family’s BASEMENT. Come by and BUY VINTAGE items from my grandmother and mom, books and items from Asian, Central American and European travels…"

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that is so cool thanks chaps

High turnover of residents at thst address unfortunately

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Could be a rental now?

I have a possible match on Helen B. 1917 but can’t check it at work as I’m firewalled, and probably already set off several alarms in IT :laughing:

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i wonder if he made it back.interesting i heard mumblings of a usa camp near this location

i know a detectorist who found a 40s class ring at this spot,but its been well worked over,theres a lot of sand at the moment this thing must have been missed because of the depth of it,i only just got it with the big coil

Nice gold and nice coins there.

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Can you make out the middle initial? There’s a few of 'em,…

Looked like T to me?

Serial doesn’t seem to match US formats (Found none that start with 6) Closest could be East Surrey Army Regmt

30 seconds later - just starts to get confusing:

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would have been born in the early 20s just got in5.50 will have a search for him but iam not as computer savvy as some

According to this website
That tag is either the First type issued December 1940 – November 1941 or second type issued between November 1941 – July 1943.
After 20th July 1943 the Next of kin information was not recorded on the Dog Tag

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Accordig to… the macarther museum in brisbane… …Most US service records were stored in St Louis. There was a fire which was contained, but the sprinklers still managed to ruin 80% of the records. You can write or apply online, and you may be one of the lucky 20%. If the records exist, they are provided for free. It may take four or five months, however.