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Couple of decent finds

couple of findsat an older site one nice 925 chain and a chinese cash coin.its too hard to find the date on these things as miners brought them in from as early as the 1600s/not seenIMG_1789IMG_1790 anyone detecting in yet.good luckIMG_1788


Very nice finds Roy, good work

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Great finds.
I like the comment about the age of the coin because I showed my Chinese goldfields coins to a Chinese Mandarin teacher at SOHS and told her they were found on the Otago goldfields and she said that they can’t have been because they were hundreds of years old…but they were.
I have seen an identification chart of ancient Chinese coins BUT it was a but much for Mr Peabrain to work out!
Love both your finds.

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Well done on chain Roy, I haven’t found one of those yet.:grinning:

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