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Corromandel/Thames Gold

@Doon I find interesting the shaft they sank to access the vein just of waihi beach ,do you know ODf it.

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That’s pretty neat. I do have a map of exactly that reef plan too.
I don’t know much about waihi at all.
I have some information given to me by a fellow enthusiast.
The gold was so good in this part of the north because of all the geo thermal activity in the area.
Coromandel right through to waihi.
Was just a huge chunk of bedrock.
Constant thermals push the gold out. Melting it in places.
Still to this day. Those little honey holes are out there

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That Mine (treasure Island reef ) On the North Headland of Waihi Beach came to nothing. Didn’t help that they breached a fracture in the country rock that allowed sea water to flood in & flood the lower workings. The shaft was filled in years ago but the mullock dump complete with quite a bit of quartz is easily found if you rummage through the bush. That adit at the bottom is still accessible. Doesnt go in very far though, as it shows on the map. There are numerous adits further around the headland. I have spent many a time exploring them & spent many a time fishing off the rocks around the headland.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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That’s awesome mate.
I must check them out…Right up my alley :grin::call_me_hand:

What sort of gold is that, quite porus looking. Don’t have fine scales so no idea of the weight but nevertheless a pleasant surprise in the pan after work.


Heat has done that to the gold. Thermals.
Found pieces like that too. Very corse.
Hasn’t travelled far either by the looks…
Highly likely come from a vein.
Nice work!

Nice! I found a small piece many years ago panning outside of an adit at Macedon, it was like a starburst. Figured it was close to the source as the tiny spikes weren’t worn, but they were also using the cyanide procedure up there so don’t know whether that affects it?

Kmow there are a few shafts at north end of waihi beach but never had a map.more info always good