Coromandel Detecting

Went for a dry sand hunt due to wrong tides for early morning, nice iphone 8 with licence in back (girl is over the moon), purse with $100 in cash, with bank card (Will follow up owner today), $20 in coins, junk ring, silver ring, nice little Gerber knife, found large quantities of the little gas canisters which I haven’t come across before.
Have a lead for a lost silver bracelet and a ring on another beach to follow up, so all in all a great morning out.



Thats a nice mornings work there Matt. Congrats.

thanks, I haven’t had time to go out for months it was great to be on the beach again.

Good haul there and good on you for your honesty

What they said :point_up:

The powerlets are ‘Whippets’ - Commonly used for a quick nitrous oxide ‘high’.

I always enjoy a persons reaction when they are reunited with something they had considered gone fore-ever there always seems to be quite a story behind the found item that takes it value far above a monetary level, I couldn’t rob someone of that!


wow, at least they are not hazardous to us on the beach, I would be a lot more cautious detecting Oz beachs where I have been told needles can be an issue, Im sure they are here to in certain places, but thankfully not something I have come across on a Coromandel beachs.

Careful…it’s addictive,

Grweat finds and fantastic that the owners of the money etc get them returned. I have just come back from Auckland and had hoped to get to Coromandel but alas it wasnt to be.