Coromandel Beach

Went for a early morning hunt on a great Coromandel beach, I was trying for a gold bracelet recovery, but the description of where it was lost was just to vague.
Ended up with a nice 925 ring a few spendies,

very little trash which was nice.


Pie money and a ring - I’d call that a success.


Looks good - shall we say ‘inspiring’ - must charge up detector batteries and go to the beach!

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Nice one Matt. Where there’s one there’s MORE.

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Back to the same beach to try again for the gold bracelet, 4hrs later I finally found it and no where near the map I had been given indicated, a little junk ring and some cash as a bonus


Some good shooting there :+1:

When I do a recovery, I always ask for them to meet me on site and show me. If they’re serious about wanting it back, they’ll make the effort.

If they are reasonably local and can’t be bothered, just emailing me a blurry Google earth photo with a big fat circle drawn on it, my efforts are commensurate.

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Nice one mat what sort of detector are you running?

I recently bought a ctx3030, I used to have an AT Pro which I loved but I just couldn’t get it to play the game on wet sand or in salt water, and living where I do, I need to be able to hunt those areas.

Hi Matt
Get a copy of Andy Sabisch - “The CTX 3030 handbook” if you haven’t already got one. Available on Ebay etc. I have a few books on the CTX but this is by far the best. I’ve done over 1200 hours with mine now and still learning. Just love it.

Good luck

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I agree acopy of Andy Sabisch - “The CTX 3030 handbook" is worth every cent really speeds up the learning curve.

awesome thanks guys I will do that, I am a bit lost using it, compared to the AT Pro

My suggestion to new CTX users is just select the appropriate “on board” program and go for it. After all the Minelab engineers have spent many hours testing all functions before releasing the product and in my experience they can be relied upon . Having said that the amount of info that a CTX throws back at you can be a bit daunting initially.


The built in Coin pattern is very good and the one i use most for an initial search of an area.