COOKING GEAR,new or old

Any photos of cooking/kitchen gear,especially longer term camp sites.

Unusual stuff,modern gizmos or somple setups.

My new petrol stove to start the ball rolling

Soto stormbreaker multifuel stove

Burns white gas,petrol,kerosine,and iso/butane

Rather expensive but it has some interesting gizmos in the pump that allow it to be lit without priming like most liquid fuel stoves.

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I’m sure petrol would not be a safe fuel to use in your new cooker, please check the instructions carefully. :face_with_monocle:

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Im dam sure petrol IS safe to use as i have been doing so for about 2 weeks solid.

Its marketed and sold as petrol capable and has some really nifty tech allowing it to be started without priming.

I use it for my daily cook.

Kerosine requires a priming fuel but it does not have a priming bowl.

I used a blowtorch to preheat the generator to allow kero to be used but at $5 plus per litre its way to dear.

White gas(sold at bunnings under the name of shelite i think is even worse at around $11 a litre)

The screenshot is the blurb from the biviouc site.

The Japanese makers also list unleaded automotive 89/91 octane petrol as a fuel-i did my homework before i bought it.
I actually wanted a soto muka but NZ is out of stock so soto Japan put me onto this.
It quite possibly is a little better because of the recessed burner head.

What do you use when camping.

I dont car camp or glamp.

Im backpacking

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daily cook…I do wonder…my imagination…mmmmm…

Not much to wonder about.

I may be in jafaland but i dont live like most other folks.

I have a power lead to my box but i only use that for lights and an electric frypan.

I use the stove for nearly everything else except long slow simmering.

I have one of those exploding number 8 carcamping stoves for that,and i refill the canisters too


One time at band camp my old puncture canister stove broke in my pack spilling it’s guts out all over my hand and gave me a very nasty cold burn

Ive never used those old camping gaz canisters.

Always seemed like a bad idea to have an unsealable gas can just waiting to leak.

They are called fuel air bombs and are the biggest explosion next to nukes.

Obviously not quite the same degree with a canister.

On one site i saw one of the linde valve canisters blew up due to thermal feedback from a canister top mounted stove.

I prefer remote-a bit safer

There is petrol and there is petrol and not all petrol is suited to cookers because, not of the petrol but because of the additives.
Modern petrol has quickly gummed up my old cookers whereas 30 years ago l used petrol which never had todays additives and it was quite safe.
Also l had read somewhere that the fumes from modern petrol additives are not healthy and especially in enclosed spaces.
Shellite is merely white petrol and does not have the toxic additives and has been used in cookers for years since before l arrived on the scene. Expensive though it might be it is the only form of fuel to use. I am pretty certain it’s an organic petrol.
To economize l used to use ordinary petrol and it was good but ordinary petrol today gums up my cookers.
White spirits or Shellite used to cost me $20 per 20 L container!

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I also used petrol in my multi fuel burner, works great until additives gum it up any has too be returned for a service, stick too white spirits from waitomo brennan $80 for 20lt tho sometimes you need a police form to accompany purchase