Considering lodging a mining permit?

For those of you thinking about lodging a mining permit in the near term, you should move on this asap. Otago is being saturated with large EP’s and PP’s mostly from overseas interests. It wont be long until the bulk of Otago is locked out for a 2-5 years unless you can secure an agreement with those companies for a surrender.


Good advice and sad to see us decent Kiwis losing OUR rights and OUR property.


would that be like the 500sq ks prospecting area just done in marlborough?

Bl00dy Ausies… lol

why does the govt let this happen. surely they arent that thick that they cant see our country being pillaged with profits heading overseas. rarely brasses me off that we cant do a dam thing about it.

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The government are doing it because they are mere puppets - guilty of treason I guess. They are not there to serve you. More importantly however is that all the sheep allow it to happen!


How do we stop it. Voting tomorrow and I am still struggling on how to vote to stop aerial 1080. Most of the hunting forums are just rhetoric in their opposition. Mining I think is the same with stopping Sage taking our interests away.

Despite the leader of Act being a self centred, self righteous, know all who has NO respect for the opinions of others at least Nicole McKee is in that party advocating for the right of licenced firearm owners and therefore supporting a degree of freedom from tyranny. Get rid of Sage - she should be right out. She is NOT a conservationist as hundreds of dead kea can testify. Get rid of Peters - hes let us all down. Labour and the Nats are puppets of the International bankers and the Asian businessmen and their wealth. In fairness to them however I do think they have no choice because they have the sword of Damocles hanging over them by their puppet masters.


vote act then, they have a few anti 1080 ppl on the list. wont matter at all tho if eco terrorist euginie sage makes it back in, bye bye deer tahr whitebait and mining.

Did you see the NZ mining forum was cancelled last week… fear for the safety of the delegates from protesting Corromandel mining activists…police could not guarantee their safety so they canned it.Oh and only 4350 people voted for the greens in the Corromandel electorate!!!

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Dang, that is a terrible precedent! If a rainbow pride, meatless meat, or twigs and tweeters conference was being threatened they’d provide constables aplenty. :poop:

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I think were are safe , greens may not get a seat. Sage is gone hopefully

I certainly hope Sage is gone - shes a disgrace to true blue Kiwis, a traitor and takes the honour of being the most harmful politician to New Zealand, its culture and identity and also the politician who is most responsible for killing more native wildlife than all other politicians joined together.


what can us sheep do though. its pointless trying through local or appropriate govt departments. they just fob you off. been there done that many times.

It is interesting to note that Act got into parliament with 10 seats and this will be entirely due to the fact that they promised to look after the interests if firearm owners.(I dont like Seymour as I spoke to him on the phone and he is conceited, arrogant, self centred and only his opinion is worth any merit but I had to vote for his party as a firearm owner)
If a Political Party was formed that really had a charismatic leader and promised to get rid of 1080, look after firearm owners, looked after high country access, get rid of big mining companies, reintroduce the Miners Right, allow the small man small gold claims at a token cost, restrict foreign ownership of land here, restrict foreign house investment buying, restrict electricity and communication charges and so on then maybe the sheep might get greener pastures as all the small minority interest groups and those who want to preserve the culture and identity of NZ will vote for them!


Most of them are registered as NZ companies so is legal with the parent company overseas

I think you may have something here, but would this appeal to your average I have a smart phone appendage young person of today?

They need to be educated and made to realise what I had as a kid, what our rights were and what things were like back then.

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