Conglomerate or pudding stone!

Anybody out there ever found gold in conglomerate? Found alot of it and it’s hard packed, been looking it up on google but not much on it unless there’s quartz in it.

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I’ve not found any personally, but heard a few stories about it. Stands to reason that you’d find it in conglomerate giving the eons involved in geological processes.

Any photos to share? I’d love to see what it looks like.

With conglomerate I would look closely and see if it is made up of river worn gravels or land slide (rough /unworn) material. Then simply smash a hunk up and pan it down very carefully looking for black sands, garnets etc. Some small creeks in Southland have a hard pack (conglomerate) bottom as does (so I am to understand) the Clutha. The conglomerates of Southland do have fine gold and may be fun to play with but economical…?


This stuff has worn river gravels but is found going up the hill and creek. That to me says maybe the river was higher up along time ago. I did mash some up and got a small amount of black sand , no gold.
I think at some stage I;ll head but in and go higher up the hill.

Hi guys I have an area with a huge amount of conglomerate. It sits on top of grey papa down at the creek and it is even up about 40 or 50 meters as a hill. It mostly is worn round stones but has alot of broken quartz throughout. the stuff up the hill is very orange but not so colourful down lower
The surrounding area down in the flats has been dredged but I have no info on how they went. I took 2x20l test buckets from up at about 30 meters and classified to about half inch and I only found 1 piece in the 2 buckets. It was very sharp and didn’t look worn at all but was only about 1mm or 2mm round.
I have also sluice at the edge of the creek in the conglomerate on top of the papa and over about half a cubic metre found bout point 3 of a gram of fine gold.
What do yas think is the best plan of attack should I do a few test holes down by the creek and see if it’s consistent or do some more up the hill or walk away? This is on the west coast
Cheers for any thoughts