Competitions for the Gold Fever section

Ok, looks like the coil swingers are going to get some competitions going soon. Any gold fever sufferers keen on something similar?

  • Yes, I’d love some competitions
  • No, what’s the point

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If so, post any ideas you might have for competitions below.

Mystery Weight competition
Along the lines of the mystery date idea for metal detecting, we could have a mystery weight competition. The person who posts a nugget find that month closest to the mystery weight wins.

Daniel from DredgeNZ has already mentioned he can provide some prizes.


Keen to join in,mystery weight idea is good, we might get to see some people’s nuggets :slight_smile:

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Sounds exciting, me and the Mrs would be keen as mustard, we know where we have found sub gram nuggets before so bring on the hunt, mystery weight sounds like fun

with the results I have had lately I suggest that the smallest bit of gold .I would win.LOL

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Get the microscopes at the ready! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I could do “guess how many micros this flake is?”…lol

I mean “microns” dam spell check!

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