Competition ideas

Hi all there seems to be some interest in the mystery coin date for a competition, so I thought why not start with that idea for the first one?

Let’s try out the polls :blush:…Ok I wonder if I can work this out!

Mmmmmmmmmm it seems not. Might have to have another look at polling tonight.

Was going to set up poll for either of the following options…

Foreign coin
NZ pre decimal
NZ old decimal
Or maybe just one coin only such as florin, shilling, Britt penny or something along those lines

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What happens if the date is 1925 and one person guesses 1924, and another person guesses 1926?

I see it as the date is predetermined

Eg Target coin is designated as old 50c piece
You might go out and find two 50c, 1982 and 1978
Post these as your entry
When comp closes, the mystery date is revealed and closest wins.

If two people post, or two dates are equidistant from winning date then first to post takes line honours.
@Iggy I’d say go for the good old Kiwi 10c (incl. the 1967 transition shillings) - plenty of them kicking around and an easy target for beginners too.

Yes predetermined date is a must, and might have to disclose with someone else prior to comp starting to keeps things above board.
I like the one coin only idea otherwise it could get complicated and turn into a lot of work trying to sort out the winner.

OHHHH, I get it now.
Um I find far more old decimal 5 & 20 cent pieces (but having said that will probably jinx myself :grinning:)
I reckon the 5’s are small enough to be lost easily, and the 20’s are heavy enough to fall far down.

How many days would we have to find said coin?

Lots of fun aye😃
Nine days of happy searching taking in two weekends 9 am Friday through to 9 pm the following Sunday. This should give all members at least one opportunity to get out for a hunt if not several.
This is just the first one and will mix it up a bit as time goes on… But I think simple and clear might be the go, although the polling idea may be good for something not clear cut such as ‘most unusual find’ etc.

  • 10 cent
  • 5 cent
  • 20 cent

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Did that poll work?
I’m happy with 10cent, but just wanted to see if I could get the poll working.

Have you chosen a date, is it this Friday?

How did you manage that? Are you on desktop or mobile?
I might need :eyeglasses: Because I couldn’t see anything earlier and wondered if it was because of user trust levels or something.

Probably not quite yet I’ve still got to travel the country planting ten cent coins…lol just kidding.

Think we will hold off a wee bit longer until a few more members get on board. Just trying to sort a few details now.

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Click reply
Select the Settings gear icon
then Build Poll

Part 2 (window with black around it)
Select Multiple Choice from the drop down menu next to Type.
Then typed in my 3 selections on different lines.
That red warning text (that I cannot understand) will disappear.

I’m on Desktop, this is my first try, so beginners luck.
Sorry about making a mess in this Post of yours.
I’ll experiment with these polls some more and make a post about it somewhere else.


I think the comps need to be able to cover
All experience levels (Personally, I’d like to aim it at the new hunters)
All machine capabilities (Ace 250 to GPX)
All Terrains (Targets should be readily found at beaches/soil, cities and rural)
and be easily achievable, for instance, rings can be elusive at the best of times.

Matchbox cars could be another one, with a poll among users as to the most unique.

Hours of fun - and that’s just in the planning :smiley:

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Actually how about most unique among metals - say best copper find.
Or even buttons/medal/badge.
Perhaps a beach exclusive one, most unique sinker, & heaviest, and even lightest.

Badges and medals are more bucket list than comp though - I’ve only found maybe three or four badges
… no medals.
Have to remember that not everyone can get to the coast either which is why I thought using coins was the most versatile.

Keys could be another one, I get a key probably 1 hunt in 3. Give a good, solid signal too.

Could have one as sort of a scavenger hunt, which forces the new players to sit down and think where they would be most likely place to find the target.
As an example:
Target: Trout lure
Beach, Unlikely. Paddock, nope. River, possible. Lake - yep.
So you have to find a lake or river that is stocked with trout
Then work out where people would be likely to drop/lose lures (Car park, climbing stiles, putting bags down…and in the reeds).
All this adds a challenge and gets the newbies working smarter which in turn gets them interesting finds sooner. :sunglasses:

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Don’t know about you but I’m excited :wink:

Definitely think we should try to encourage all abilities and styles. Heaviest gold ring is a no go (I’ve found about 2 or 3 from memory, not that I will be entering) most silver coins… Mmmmm once again probably not, sorry Erickd.

Obviously some comps will suit some more than others and I don’t think we can fully get around that.

I Wondered about a theme based on maybe bottle tops, screw caps or pull tabs one day but unsure how to approach that one.
Another one I’m chewing over is most unique, unusual or best find that ‘fits fully inside a milk bottle top’ without protruding. This is where the polling could be good for choosing a winner.
Another based on keys, although they can be elusive at times.
If a coastal theme is chosen maybe a second theme that favours the inland hunters could be run in conjunction or the following comp.

It would also be nice to acknowledge some of the truely awesome finds being found as well, so I think we should also consider occasional comps that fit here as well. I know this sounds double Dutch but if all our efforts are concentrated on the beginners some of the pros might get :rage:

Ps ha ha just read your bit on keys MW I’m slow typing again

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That’s a great idea, I like the way you think :+1:
Maybe no lakes near you… Too bad two weekends to organise a road trip and who knows what you will see/find on the way.

If it’s a clear cut comp with no polling (example 10 cent mystery coin) I’m assuming as soon as someone posts a match to the date then the comp should be announced over to avoid any unnecessary 10c digging.
Thoughts people

My life is unnecessary digging! :laughing:

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[quote=“Iggy, post:16, topic:719”]
…a clear cut comp with no polling (example 10 cent mystery coin) I’m assuming as soon as someone posts a match to the date then the comp should be announced over to avoid any unnecessary 10c digging.[/quote]

Makes good sense.

(I’ll add this line because I need 20 characters to submit the post. :unamused:)

yeah cool ,food for thought there everyone,theres no end of possible targets that are around,all good competition stuff,will get the thinking cap on.

Cool sounds good to me :yum: Yes lots of possibilities for sure.