Coming to Christchurch May -July 2019

Hi I am coming to Christchurch for work will have 1 - 2 days off each week, Myself and a coworker would like to bring our detector’s and do a little detecting on our weekends.
Do we need any type of permits to do detecting in NZ?

I am based in Pahrump Nv USA mainly look for Gold nuggets here in Nevada Arizona and California.
I swing a Minelab GP extreme and a 3500

Hello Doright55,
I don’t think there are any by-laws prohibiting metal detecting over here. However I do know that your not allowed to remove any items from heritage sites. Other than that you can swing away all day along. Hope you enjoy New Zealand while your over here.
Is your full name Dudley Doright?
As in The Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman?

are you looking at general detecting around parks, beaches etc or specifically gold. if gold you would need to get permission from a claim owner to look or there are public areas where you can go free but they are mainly flakes and flour. might struggle to detect it although there are a couple of public areas with a few small nuggets. and remember may to july the weather is cooling off here to

@LoboLover Correction: Can’t detect Heritage sites at all, but yes, even removal of any eyeballed item from listed sites also prohibited.

You should look me up when you arrive. I’ve got some time off in May (her indoors is off to Blighty for three weeks). I’ve not organised yet, but the pan will be out and the detector charged. I’m based in Lincoln near Chch, but am happy to travel the South Island in search of adventure.

Also be careful to research Tapu (sacred maori graves) sites, these are mostly from the Maori Wars, they could be a beach, hill, or bush.
You are not allowed there at all, ask a local maori they will be happy to advise you.