Combined WAMS & Gold Mining Permits Map

Playing around with the ArcGIS online services I’d put together a map for myself to combine topo, walking access and gold mining permits on one map for easy research when checking out new areas.

Shared here if you’d like to use it:

Please note that it’s only showing active gold mining permits, not any other types of permits like prospecting, exploration or public fossicking areas.

The WAMS (Walking Access Management) layer shows you were paper road, marginal strip, etc. are so you know where you can go without issue that might encroach on private property.

If you want to make use of this map on your mobile, but you’ll still need an internet connection rather than having access offline, then the following app can be used:


I figured a few of you might find it useful for exploring. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Gavin - you are a Geniarse! Well done and I am sure that many people will be greatful for the efforts that you go to.

Lol, I’ll accept that as a compliment… I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely a compliment! You said ‘I think’ - Gavin you should never think. It damages the brain cells and eventually you end up like me where the only opening for me in life is a leading role in ‘Walking Dead’ or ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ - and not as a goodie! Be like me, impulsive, erratic, random and just dont think and then your brain will last longer even if the rest if you doesnt!!

Looks good Gavin, sure to come in useful.


Awesome, will help with my conscience. :grin:

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