Cold Gold Clutha Ltd

The sheer bureaucracy of it’: Red tape holds up dredge move

Cold Gold Clutha Ltd has applied to four councils for consents to operate a mining operation on the Upper Clutha River.

It has operated a dredge on the river in the Clutha River between Roxburgh Dam and Tuapeka Mouth for the past 10 years.

Testing showed there was more consistent gold found in the upper part of the river. Gold prices were holding up, which was still making it worthwhile to mine the river

The company had found that gold in the mid-reaches of the Clutha did not lie uniformly in the gravels bank to bank across the river, rather in narrow non-contiguous longitudinal bands. Those areas were found by spot dredging until an economic band was found and then mined.


Yup everything in NZ is becoming impossible now, even NZPAM are making it very difficult to grant a simple mining permit, bring on the election and start getting back to normal.


Totalitarian state work live conformation no space for those outside the economic objective just minions in the great game no gold no cash just 2% on every transaction to the offshore cooperates on every electronic transaction less tax that is to our frugal kind government !

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Cold Gold are good blokes and run a professional operation.

Local miners stick together in consenting and policy work and I have assisted many on this page with free advice over the years. If you wish to lodge a submission on this application you can find the links for each council at the bottom of this story.