"Coin & Relic" vs "Metal detecting" category name

At present I’ve gone with “Coin & Relic” rather than “Metal Detecting” as I thought it would be more obvious that gold detecting lives under “Gold”.

Any thoughts on the category name? Obvious enough or is it a little ambiguous?

5 second change if the consensus is for “Metal Detecting”.

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She is deathly quiet on the opinion poll Gavin.
Maybe everyone is out chasing Sov’s or working!

Have you thought about ‘coin & relic detecting’ or something along those lines blending the two.

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Will see if anyone else has any ideas before actioning, but not a bad idea :slight_smile:

Yes, been puzzled by the lack of response from detecting community. I was expecting them to be most vocal as tend to be the most active on the old forum. Oh well, still early days.

Just getting used to how it works ATM.

Fair enough. I keep forgetting it’s quite a jump from the old forum. Hopefully there’s not too much of a learning curve for people.

Yeh it may take some time… There is a lot going on and pretty quickly.

Hopefully during next few weeks you will get some feedback, suggestions comments etc from some past and present members.

On a side note with the current Paydirt when someone commented on a post I sometimes received up to six identical notification emails… A day or two away from the pc and two or three comments from different posts… Well what to do but delete delete and delete.
Could be a contributing factor for non interactive posts or unanswered replies.

I think human nature being what it is, we all desire some form of recognition, pat on the back, well done etc etc. And that is I believe one of the big attractions to FB… A lot of people almost live on it so there is never a shortage of people to comment either good or bad.

Yeah, there’s some issues with the original forum. Quite a few things broke - RSS feeds, multiple emails, etc. Was introduced when I upgraded to a beta version of the forums in emergency when they started going down every 5 mins. I have been meaning to upgrade to a newer version, but then I came across this platform which seems to be leaps and bounds better so I figured spend the time trying that out instead as I think it’ll serve the community better and provide some of the niceties people are used to in Facebook.

Regarding recognition… hopefully some of the stuff here will help - ability to like posts etc. we’ll see.

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Coin and Coil.



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i like this new platform gavin it comes across as more user freindly than your original pay dirt forum etc…has a more moder look about it also!

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Personally, I think Metal Detecting is a better header - covers ringy goodness on beaches as well.

You’re probably right. We’ll put all the options forward in a day or two and get people to vote for their favourite.

Metal detecting sounds nice… But so does Coin & Relic…

I’m happy either way.

Off on bit of a tangent…

Trying “Gold Fever” & “Coil Swingers” to see if that works? Sounds a little more fun to me.

“Gold” sounded a little too plain and “Coin & Relic” and other variations suggested didn’t seem to quite cover the whole scene e.g. jewelry, ring pulls, silver foil caps.

Quick and easy for me to change if disliked. I hear there’s quite a swinging scene in Christchurch so don’t want to cause any confusion :stuck_out_tongue: