Coin ID Competition

Puzzler running on FB to while away the hours, thought I’d get one going here.

What’s the coin?


Is it NZ One Shilling?

Nope… :slight_smile:

And the requisite 20 characters

Some kind of Dutch guilder?

Hmm, that is a tricky one. Definitely not good ol’ Lizzy or Viccy.

Sorta looks like a silver half dollar if I’m wrong it’s to hard :weary: next

@SoilSurfer is warmest so far :wink:

Switzerland 20 Rappen ?1883, not sure of year might even be 1980"s

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Ooh…he’s good.
image image

Round 2


Looks like some pacific island building of some description. So I’m narrowing down my searching to pacific island nations…

Very warm.
Couldn’t include more without giving it away