Coin from the 1200's for sale - $1 reserve

A bit of side promoting… anyone interested in adding an ancient coin to their collection?

I’ve got a Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Kandy King 1 massa copper coin for sale on Trade Me with a reserve of $1.

Holy cow what a gem mmmmmm if I can pick it up for under a tener it would make a good competition prize!
On a serous note that’s a sweet coin, hope you get loads for it

Just checked out Trademe that buy now is missing a digit or two isn’t it? But I’m guessing you know it’s value.

Looking on ebay I reckon $20’s not too bad. Everywhere else in the world ancient coins aren’t so rare :wink:

NZ is a very young country and anything over a few hundred years old just seems like it should be worth a small fortune, but clearly not always the case.


Cheers for that, now added to my auction :wink: Good to get a bit more details. Quite an interesting coin.

Bugger, didn’t see that coming - sold for a $1 :frowning:

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You’ve got to be kidding :flushed: One hundred cents for that wee gem! Someone’s got a bargain…

Any more u found? I would have paid double that at least :frowning:

I’ve listed my last one on Trade Me, running now if you’re keen - Trade Me

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Yep, I got bitten by the $1 reserve recently, Sold $400 shoes for $15.
$1 reserve is only good for the latest cellphones or other very popular expensive items.
Also be careful of listing during long weekends, holidays & school holidays.