Clubs in Christchurch?

Hello everybody,

Ive recently gained an interest in gold panning, im based in Christchurch.

Are there any clubs in the area i could join? Having trouble finding anything.



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I’m not aware of any. But if you visit public popular fossicking spots like Shamrock Creek (Goldsborough) or Slab Hut Creek (near Reefton), people seem to be mostly friendly and approachable. Those 2 spots also have great DOC campsites to stay at.


Thanks Gavin, I’ll have a look!

This is your club…though hunt about for rock and mineral club’s in likely areas as prospecting is usually apart of the field excursions.

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I be heading to slab hut this weekend if u find ur way there ill happily show u what little i know but as gavin said go to any of the public areas someone will show u what they know its one of the good things about this hobby the people u meet

Hi Dave
I am just starting out but have had a lifetime interest. Did you find a Christchurch club? Thanks Mira