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Is it possible to get a minnig claim on a small section of river to dredge when someone has a prospecting claim on an HUGE area.trying to sort a claim out been looking on the nz pm website it looks to be an hard prosses

I’ve seen it done before, not sure how complex it is. I believe there’s a bit of back and forth with the prospecting claim owner to release the area you’re interested in. I’d suggest getting in touch with @vhbull as she specialises in this sort of thing.

Best of luck.

when I got my claim up the pell it was covered by a claim over the larger area normally you pay (as normal) for the holder to release a small area . I had v bull do every thing for me once again you have to pay

thanks for the info where do i contact this vhball please

Here’s her email address -

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Isnt it outrageous that a consultant is constantly promoted as the answer to peoples solutions on here?
It happens over and over.
There are people on this forum who have the skills and have offered to help out for free, yet people frequently say "go and see V Bull’pay her some cash, and dont worry about the expertise you have here online…
Vivian cant help more then most here can, the CMA wont allow a small MP over a PP/EP without authority from the existing permit holder assuming they seek the same mineral. So you can pay Vivian to try and ask, but it’l cost ya…
why not write a letter/email to that company who has the permit as ask, show a map of where you want to go and provide a pdf of the NZPAM surrender form, and advise them its free and of no consequence to them. You can put in writing to that permit holder you wont ever object to any consent application or the suchlike so you make thier larger operation difficult.
Forget consultants, we have the power here with this group…

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so true mangrove there is a wealth of knowledge in this group. a couple of problems is one dosnt always have the time to do it yourself the other is trying to get to the people that know. by the way sometimes the consultants get it wrong as well.

thanks guys will try email and ask. dont ask dont get

Am happy to help…you email is as good as a consultants and a hell of a lot cheaper.

For the record, my nick was Aotea, but it died somehow so have this one now…

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If you want it changing to Aotea and I’ll make it so :wink:

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get a hold of the owners of the pp and chat to them, i organized one a while ago that we prospected and found 72grams in three days making it worth claiming, sorted it out and my mate claimed it so worked out good, ask and you will receive :slight_smile:

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So what is the best way to go about it do i go for a claim then go council then land owners or council landowners then claim etc. then go for public liabilty insurance last and who is everyone covered by what is the best company to go throuhgh etc please what i can see and have been told is that i can claim this section of river for a mining permit even tho there is a prospecting permit over the massive area

Gday mangrove, My son has purchased a claim on the Buller, and has never been mining before but is keen as hell to get going. I had a dredge up the Aorere near Bainham and had never mined before. I took advice on how to recover the gold from the Oldtimers in the area . Unfortunately I saw lots of gold, but the only gold I saved were the pieces I tucked up my wetsuit sleeve I had dredged down 25ft and the gold I saw was on layers of conglomerate and even after breaking through this I still never got to the bedrock. I eventually found out by experimenting with a small 2in dredge how to catch all that I dredged. My main dredge was a 15in suction and I remember when I first started dredging my deckhand shut down after ten minutes. When I came up to see what was wrong, the barge had quite a list. The material was coming up so fast it had blocked the grizzly so there was a huge pile of rocks stuck on the bars. Those days the procedure to obtain a claim was simple. you obtained a Prospecting licence from the Post Office for 50cents then when you found your likely spot you applied to the Mines Dept. for a claim. The only people I had to deal with was the farmer to get access to a crown reserve right along side of the claim and the Catchment Board to apply to cut a ramp down the bank to the river. But today we now have, P&M who have people being paid big money to charge administration costs. If possible I would like your email addy to get the complete protocol as you know it. I’m coming up 89 and though I still put on a wetsuit it’s just to get kai moana and my good Wife tells me that, my Gold dredging diving days are over for me… we’ll see about that… what the eye don’t see the heart don’t grieve Lol. You can txt on 0272359847, looking forward to hear from you, Regards.