Claims around Cromwell

Hi everyone
Im lionel 22 (m) I’m a newbie in prospecting still learning the process .can some one please help ?im looking for a claim or a piece land around Cromwell where i can pan and run a small river sluice if anyone can help or know someone that wil let me prospect on their land,ill share my findings and a box of beer…heard alot of people said the public land have been worked hard.figured a private place will be my best bet…
Thanx !

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Hey Lionel
Id recommend the Arrow river only 25 mins drive away. Better gold there than a lot of claims TBH and easy to setup a sluice etc. Around Cromwell there’s definatley gold but pretty hard to run a sluice. For a pan there’s good gold down on the Kawarau but its claimed up and you’d get better gold on the Arrow for what your doing.


When I was twelve years old I found some beautiful gold at the Kawarau Gorge Goldfields Mining Center. The most bronzed thing…from Newcastle Australia…spent the whole time there trying to help her find some gold, but she had no luck so I gave her my bottle when she left.
Driving to Arrowtown I asked dad how many people lived in Newcastle…you have no chance finding her son…
On a side note one other time I eyeballed a big round flat flake sitting in the sun on a flat cobble sticking out of the bank beside the steps near the Chinese huts.
I highly recommend going to the Goldfields center :wink:

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To be honest buddy, everyone wants the same opportunity as you are asking for here and if claim owners went, “yeah come on over buddy” to everyone that wanted a chance, there’d be naught left. Rule number one in this “gig” “…gold is where you find it.” - Said by some old miner way back when.