Claim share SOLD now

Hi guys I’m looking to sell my 1/4 share in a claim in Central Otago. Claim covers roughly 10km of main bullock creek stream bed and many kilometres of tributaries. Permit is in its first year so has virtually got 10 years left. Good access via farm track in 3 locations. Access no problem via paper Road and verbal access agreements with farmers. PM for further details. Price is $6,500 plus cost for name transfer. Also available is 1/3 share in near new Keene 4 inch.


What’s the claim number mate?

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Instead of spending a small fortune on transfer fees everytime someone wants to sell their share you should look into starting a company and transfering ownership to it, its alot easier and cheaper to change the shareholding in a company then it is through nzpam, mangrove or others might be shed more light on best option and how to sort it.

Yep, definately good advice regarding setting up a non-profit company, having that as the claim owner and just transferring shares in it whenever someone wants to cash out / buy in. Works well in one of the claim I’m involved in.