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Claim rent / lease / tribute

Hey everyone, as per my email; earlier this year, I am very close to completing the details to provide access on my claim on the Arrow River. I am looking at weekly & monthly packages for dredges that will comply, (up to 10 HP and suction nozzle no greater than 150mm dia).

The tribute/rental basis is $ 300.00 per week or 20% of gold value recovered, which ever is the greatest, or
$ 1000.00 per month or 20% of gold value recovered, which ever is the greatest.

Dredges have to have a minimum space of 500m between them, so spaces are strictly limited. Please PM me to prioritise your interest.

GoldenEel (Dave)

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Hi Dave , my mate is keen hes been asking me since you last mentioned letting people dredge for a fee , what part of the Arrow are you on ?

Cheers Phill.

Upper part from Soho creek to up past Macetown

I have also had enquiries about sluice boxes etc, this will of course be a on a case by case basis, as primarily I want to ensure that dredges have a clear run first.

your claim your rules obviously but I wouldn’t think a pan and sluice wont hinder or take much gold compared to a dredge but good on you for giving ppl the chance to have a go on your claim.

simply don’t want any clashes at any given spot

Hi dude. Could I get your number please? Very keen to come down for a go. Nelson lad. Keen to explore great people great 0272358298. Regards

hey Shaun

Call me tomorrow on 012428777


You must be alpine lakes trust?