Claim Renewal Process

Anyone gone through the claim renewal process? Is it fairly straight forward and are you pretty much likely to get an extension?

I assume it should be pretty easy to do yourself as all the hard questions had already been asked and answered with the original claim application process?

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Hi Gav
I have just helped a bloke out with this. He lodged his application and had a suite of not particularly relevant questions to answer i.e ecomonics, geology and resource estimates. Nzpam gave him a pretty condensed timeframe to write the reply or risk losing the deposit.

My advice would be write a thorough application, dont take the process for granted and anticipate a letter seeking more info.


Bugger, I’ll lower my expectations about how easy it’ll be then!

Thanks for sharing though, much appreciated.

Drop me a PM if you under the blowtorch Gav. For the last 13 years i have helped hobby guys with free RMA advice. Unfortunately i am starting 2020 as a consultant for a small local business and that means no work for free…

whats a ballpark cost for such services to get a claim renewal done?

If your renewing before xmas i would continue to do it for free. After that, i wont be able to do this work gratis and would have to go through my new employer and costs would depend on time. I am looking to have a split rate cheaper for farming and mining but thats not finalised yet…


Hi Gavin, Sam here,

See section 12.6 of the above, plus you will need to lodge an APP02. NZPAM Fee $3,478.75

Its all fairly straight forward for a recreational dredging permit, just need to make sure you have supplied all the required information. Feel free to drop me a line if you get stuck.

Gogold I can lodge for approximately $500.

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Very, very much appreciated - thank you. Will keep you in mind if I get stuck.

From my minor experiences so far it often seems luck of the draw with the staff member you get. One year they asked for all sorts of extra stuff for yearly reporting that threw me out a bit. The staff member I was dealing with I seem to remember had “junior” or similar in their title. The following year I wasn’t asked for the extra detail and when I queried it they said I didn’t need to provide it for a hobby claim. I can’t remember the full details now - all a bit fuzzy in recollection.

Cheers Sam, much appreciated! :slight_smile: Good to know I have a few resources to call on if I get stuck.

gavin for 500bux id just pay that and have piece of mind its gunna get done right.
look at the kyeburn claim on a previous thread, a missed email? And the claim was lost to another party. a consultant wouldnt (or shouldnt anyway) have missed it. they also have working knowledge and relationship with those at nzpam. 500bux is cheap insurance considering the outlay many make on claims.


A good point! Just curious to try the process myself sometimes to see what’s involved. I’ll see what my appetite for risk is nearer the time :stuck_out_tongue:

For best, easiest renewal ensure you lodge renewal well in advance of 6 months out from expiry!

Gav mate I’d agree your best to use a reputable consultant if you cant use Mangrove generous offer above. Vivienne Bull does a really good job and she knows the industry backwards and I’ve found she knows personally alot of the people in crown minerals. As I may have mentioned on the phone last time we spoke she has helped navigate a potentially complex claim process with a current claim of mine that required direct intervention by senior staff. This was done efficiently and with speed as she had direct contact with the right people. No stuffing around!

It’s a small price to pay and if you structure it right you can claim the GST on it.

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