Claim for fossicking on in Selwyn area?

Possible stupid question, but if you don’t ask…

I’ve fossicked my whole life in Central, but I’ve moved to Lincoln. Are there any claims that folk are willing to share in the Selwyn District? I have no idea of the possibility of gold in this area, so am willing to be educated.


don’t think you will find much in that area but the area along the north side of Rakaia river mouth to around lake ellesmere was/is under claim. beach sand though. check the permit map section from the paydirt menu. not sure how up to date it is at the moment.

I’m pretty sure apart from some gold on the beach around Rakiaia River mouth as mentioned there is little or no gold around central or North Canterbury. There are some old quartz diggings up in the mountains behind Lake Coleridge but my research hasn’t found anything else

try birdlings flat they got gold there

Which is part of the beach north of the Rakiaia. The existing gold lease runs almost to there but Birdlings Flat is just big stones so not sure how one would go there?

sorry miss lead you a bit there. try round the copper lagoon , taumutu, and north of the Rakaia huts . not on the beach but in the cliff/bank that drops onto the beach. there was also gold in small amounts under the cliffs north of the opihi river mouth. coming from the burkes pass area and at the3 base of foxes peak. try deep creek or stony creek . I got colour out of both back in the 70s just by panning. that’s when the butters had the farm.


Thanks kiwikeith - I’m currently trying to get in touch with the claim owners of the beach north of Rakaia.