Claim change over cost

Hi all
Just have a couple of questions any info be great

I have a 50 % share in a claim i have moved recently and need to change my address with NZPAM is this something i can do myself?

Also selling my 50% share. The claim in under my name and claim partner’s name with me selling my share what is the cost to put my half into the new owners name?

Any help would be much appreciated

About 3 grand from memory


I believe this will be:

Any application under section 36 of the Act - $3,478.75

I’d recommend setting up a non-profit making limited company then issue shares for the various percentages for each owner (director). Then in future if someone sells then it’s just a simple free change to the companies registry rather than a large fee from NZPAM.


Hi There,

Re address - Yes, just email NZPAM and they will change it for you.

Re Transfer - The NZPAM fee is $2,530.00 see link below.

I agree with Gavin, for any group claim, or a claim where interests may change, holding the claim in a company is far more cost effective (and a lot less processing) when it comes to Transfers.


Thanks for the information i will let the guy know who is looking at buying my share hopefully they approve the name change and i told him it could take months for it to show up on the permit. I have sent them an email regarding changing of my address hopefully this doesn’t take to long. Want to make sure that everything is done right so there nothing stopping the change over if this guy decides to buy my share.

Sorry for another question but what information being the seller will i need to provide regarding the sell of my share

Hi Stu, best to give me a call to discuss