Christchurch Dectorists Who? Where? When?

Recently moved backed to Christchurch & keen to meet up with some folk and do some dirt fishing. Have a lot of experience & found a lot of incredible stuff in my time so keen to hit some new spots. Give us a shout. Not looking for love just in case I’m on the wrong site. Cheers.

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@chrispy the boys and girls still meeting the first Tue of every month in a pub somewhere?

Volksted near the airport

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Volksted? And where do you normally head to for digs? Or is it just a meet up to chat kinda deal. Not looking for love - just treasure. Cheers.

Volstead trading company on riccarton rd is were nzmda meet. Hagley is still producing some good finds but stay out of botanical gardens, off the sports field’s and golf course. You can dig around sports field’s but not on, park rangers don’t like it. Good luck it is getting hard to find really productive ground but still stuff to be found. P.m me sometime for a hunt. Best of luck.

Is it just to catch up & chat kinda thing?

Yes it’s a chat and catch up thing with a find of the month competition etc.

Is it a membership type thing or open to anyone interested?

How would one go about joining NZMDA ?
And yes, interested in meeting others who enjubilate in the seeking of underground artefacts.

Meetings are open to all with no membership needed. Held on last Thursday of the month at the above mentioned place. 7:30 pm onwards.

Thank you. Oh, i have to write more? ok.