Chile under fire over treasure hunter's plan to unearth legendary pirate hoard


I am jealous! great read though and I would approve of such a treasure being uncovered if 1) I got it or 2) it all went to a museum for everyone to enjoy!

its not a large area they want to dig 400m2 that’s only 20m x 20m or less than 1/2 a town section, by the time you got the digger in there there wouldn’t be enough room to operate it. I think its another case of a greenie getting jellyarse

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Very interesting. Just sour grapes from the Archaeologists & greenies. Whats the point of the “treasure” just sitting in the ground for ever? The British were just as much pirates & scumbags, as were others, as the Spanish were. The Spanish ripping off the Incas & the British ripping off the Spanish, or trying to. All for money, greed & power. Nothing has changed. The British “Pirates”, as others, were given protection & the “legal” ok for a cut of the treasures. Again nothing has changed with politicians & taxes on us mere mortals. They were then not called Pirates but Buccaneers. Doing it for the “good” of their country & King or Queen.

Let me there…fuck the excavator…jellymite and a baseball glove to catch the goodies when it rains treasure.

Ha ha, hi, great idea.