Cheapest gold metal detector?

Just wondering if some people on here can recommend the cheapest gold finding metal detector? Even if it is more of a coin/relic machine.
Ideally it would be rainproof to some extent.
And relatively easy to operate.


gday mate i can get you in a Makro gold racer if you like…very cheap and very capable machines!

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A fifty bucker off TM is bound to find something…

Shady as


How hardy do you think they are? I guess I could just give a few of the El Cheapo trademe/ebay machines a shot.

Was merely joking around GP. :laughing:
Would be wasting your time there me thinks. They would pick up a nuggett close to the surface but cant see them pickin up pickers deeper than six inches.
Ive had a go with one or two and they are frustrating to use to say the least. Some have six batteries which is another pain.
I dont think they are very hardy at all.
That Macro GOLD racer from Atandy sounds the go.


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No, I want el cheapos.
They look okay, not for any professional detecting at all. Only concern is rain proofing. Most have water proof coil.
I’m prepared to spend up to $180 :grinning:
I might just get one of each first, too test usability, hardiness, battery life etc.
Some require two 9v batt, but I gather that would give a whole days detecting.

Did you get one? You can make your own with a bit of skill

Thanks. I’ve done a fair bit of research on pointer construction.
I just wanted some dirt cheap gold detectors for experimentation & testing.
In the future after I’ve tharashed and had to repair El Cheapo, making my own cheap detector is definitely a good idea that I’ll keep in mind.

Hey GoldPandemic - the little Tesoro Compadres and fantastic on micro Gold - Wont be too good on highly mineralized ground but are super sensitive in finding small Gold - Hope this helps

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wow, they do look impressive.

they are very well build (can take the knocks)

great Discrimination & as I said … fantastic on small gold

there is one on trademe now however it has the bigger 8" coil -

I can get hold of some very good Chinese units (yes they do have the odd one lol) but the frequency is not suited to small gold - 7khz -

keep us posted man & also check out a few US forums or ebay - you can usually get them for around $100usd + shipping