Cheap hand dredge/sucker

Hey guys

For the guys like me who have zero clues when it comes to doing stuff with tools at home, here’s a very cheap option for a sucker to put in your backpack when out panning

At a guess it would pick up around a litre of watery goodness.

Cost $15 from Bunnings and I used my very limited skills to glue in a 18mm nozzle by molesting the end with a drill bit to widen the hole a touch so the pipe fits

Cheap option for newbies


Original name was a ‘Snifter’ - made from brass car tyre pumps when we first began gold fossicking.
The one you show is a ‘bloody beauty’ - I like it and your rescourcefulness converting it - great going.

Yours is a far cry from this one which should be in a mining museum as it is one of the very first ever used in New Zealand as it is over sixty years old now!

Weighs 5 pound or 2.25kg, made from a Vintage car pump, using a chisel handle and all brass.
braised and very robust BUT too heavy for me now!

Please note - some bastard has not cut my lawn.


Mate, that’s outstanding. Still works just as well I’m sure! Yeah a few different names for them. I find some great videos online but only found that listed what what needed in the description but that one was far beyond my expertise

Hard case looking sucker there Lammerlaw…great lawn for daisy chains…get into it!!!

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Hell you are like Keith and becoming a worry - was that you I heard singing “Give me a daisy a day dear, give me a daisy a day…”

As for the snifter - its historical like me. They were all like that once, back in the day a couple of our snifters would have seen a kg or two of gold.

nice grass. good flowers. I prefer mine longer or taller with brown flowers not white. normally ready to mow round Easter.

I like flowers; Pitcher Plant, Butterwort Plant, Trifids, Flypaper trap, Venus Flytrap, Bolivian Bloodsucker, Snap Trap, Bladderwort Plant, Lobster Pot Trap Plant, Nepenthes rajah, Amazonian Boa eating plant, Saguaro catuses, Prickly Pears, Sensitive Plant, African Gorilla strangling vine and so on!

You like yours longer - my wife likes mine longer but the blue pills give me headaches.

What does Mow mean?..its isnt a form of work is it. I am allergic to work as its against my religious principles although I never knew I had any principles until now.

yip i got one yous it all the time

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now you are just showing off looking up google for flower names. African gorilla strangling vine sounds like west coast supplejack. ive got a prickly pair and im sure ive seen a boa eater in my travels. I think my first wife was a snap trapper.
with the blue pills you are meant to only take one at a time. I could go into the mowing but I mite get a little carried away so will leave it for another day.

must be raining as im getting bored just writing shit

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Thats whats called bored shitless. I was going to go hunting but laziness has overcome me…so I am just resting up which makes a lie of the term ‘No rest for the wicked’

I did some mowing yesterday while I was sitting in the sun perving into a mirrow - now I have a number 2 cut.

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