Cheap Digging Tool

Was pondering about what sort of digging tool I could buy that was within my somewhat limited budget and came across this at Mitre10. It cost just on $15.00!
There were two prongs at the bottom which tended to bend when I used it so cut them off and ground it to the what you see. Not saying it is as good as some of the more well known brands but I find that it does the job pretty good for me.


Looks good man, Ive had a bog standard garden trowel that lasted nearly 3yrs till I left it in a park somewhere and a Lesche that lasted under a year!

Well it doesn’t look like a knife, so won’t scare people, but can still ward off the ferals should you need to.

Hadn,t thought of that but yeah it seems I,ve got a very versatile tool there !!

I bought one of these tools as well, and likewise, it’s good enough for me as it does a better job than what I was using.

Good to hear I,m not the only one with a limited budget !! Only down side is the narrow blade for removing the dirt. I take a ordinary garden trowel with me for that job if theres a fair bit of digging out to be done.