Chch hunters obviously not that thorough :)

This would have made you go weak at the knees!! :laughing:


And just to be fair, the Far North could try harder too :sunglasses:

Toddler finds medals !

In both cases absolutely tremendous that the property was returned - there is something to be said about cutting one finger off the offenders grubby paw when caught each time they are caught! Might put an end to stealing other peoples treasures.

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Middle East has it right - Take a hand.

Only nick stuff twice - If theyā€™re really slow learnersā€¦

Gold star 25 years serviceā€¦not many firefighters reach that honour we lost one of our guys 2 years ago he was a double goldstar and this is no bull he would turn out to call outs on mobility scooter


I just knew it was a park I hadnā€™t been to. Donā€™t do cemetery hunts thatā€™s just creepy.

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@CosmoCoinage Cemeteries definitely out of bounds, was a tongue in cheek post.

Cemetriesā€¦isnā€™t that where the buried ā€˜treasuresā€™ lieā€¦you see it in the death noticesā€¦ā€˜Treasured hubby of Gertrudeā€™ etc and that means that thereā€™s lots of treasures to be found in cemetriesā€¦pretty distasteful but I just had to say it!

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Tell that to Dr Jones. :grin: